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Luxe Central Park Condos' 10 Affordable Apartments Will Ask From $227K

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New details have emerged for Circa, a new condo rising on Central Park's northwest corner

Sales have yet to launch for Circa, the semicircular condo building taking shape on Central Park's northwest corner, but details on the building have been coming out in dribs and drabs. Today brings another new piece of information, courtesy a Wall Street Journal profile; according to the story, ten "affordable" condos, priced between $227,000 and $384,000, will join the 38 market-rate units that were previously announced. Those will start at approximately $1 million, and the building's most expensive unit will be a $10 million penthouse with five bedrooms and a private outdoor space. The apartments aren't set to debut until next year, but a sales office is due to welcome prospective buyers sometime in the next month.

The WSJ piece also offers some details from FXFOWLE, which designed the building; according to Dan Kaplan, a senior partner at the firm, the unique shape of the property (it's situated within Frederick Douglass Circle at West 110th Street) was part of the appeal. The architects also took inspiration from the building's location for the design: Colors were chosen to complement either the park- or Harlem-facing sides of the building, while a brick facade that's closer to West 111th Street was chosen specifically because it resembles the neighborhood's existing townhouses.

Circa Central Park

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