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Ace Hotel’s Contentious LES Outpost Gets Renderings

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The new hotel could have as many as 200 rooms and a 130-seat restaurant

Amidst all the construction troubles plaguing the new Ace Hotel on Bowery, some of the first renderings have emerged for the project, Bowery Boogie reports.

For the new hotel, developers Omnia Group and North Wind Group will convert the former Salvation Army building at 225 Bowery, and add a 37-foot addition on top, according to Bowery Boogie.

The number of rooms in the new hotel however are slightly unclear at this point. While a Department of Buildings permit says 178 rooms, the architect's page for the project says 200 rooms. Curbed has reached out to Ace Hotel for a clarification and is still waiting to hear back.

The change in the number of rooms might also be attributed to the fact that all the construction issues mean the developers will likely have to submit new plans for the hotel, as reported by Bowery Boogie.

As part of the project, the building at 223 Bowery was demolished to make more room for the hotel. There are also rumors abound that the developer purchased air rights from the Bowery Mission to build at 229 Bowery, which could be a part of the finished hotel. The new hotel will have entrances both on Bowery and Freeman Alley.

Tucked deep into the description on the architect's page is a mention of a Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) annex - the language doesn't make it clear if it's part of the hotel building though. Curbed has reached out to MoMA for a comment and is waiting to hear back. UPDATE: A representative for MoMA has confirmed that isn't an annex for the museum. It's possible that the architects were referring to an annex for the New Museum which is located at 235 Bowery.

Now controversy aside, plans also call for the creation of a 130-seat restaurant, a rooftop bar, and a fitness center. In all the project will measure 70,000 square feet when it is complete.