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Big Reveal: $699,000 For a Long Gramercy One-Bedroom

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The one-bedroom co-op comes with a dressing room and, yes, a full bedroom

Not a single commenter guessed the exact price for this week's Pricespotter apartment, a one-bedroom co-op in Gramercy. That ask: $699,000, for a long apartment located in the Gramercy Park Towers on Third Avenue and 18th Street. Though some commenters doubted that there's a bedroom in the apartment, it does indeed exist, and comes with a bonus "dressing area." Commenters were mixed on the apartment; some liked the layout; others chalked it up to "good listings photos"; and Countess LuAnn remarked, "What would they have done without that Home Depot gift card that was lost in the junk drawer?" Indeed.

Let's take a peek at that floorplan: