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Planned Citywide Ferry Could Be In Service By June 2017

The planned service was first announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio in his State of the City speech in 2015

The planned five-borough ferry service will likely launch next June, DNAinfo reports. Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen made the announcement a town hall style meeting held at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens on Wednesday.

In the first phase, ferry service routes will connect to Astoria, Long Island City, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge and Rockaway Park. There are also planned stops on the Lower East Side, and Soundview in the Bronx, which are scheduled to open later on. Construction work is currently underway on the docks for the ferry.

Mayor Bill de Blasio first announced the plan for this expanded ferry service in State of the City speech in 2015. The city's Economic Development Corporation has not yet decided on an operator for the ferry however. The fare will be the same as those on the subway.