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The WTC Transportation Hub Is Open! Tour Calatrava’s Creation, In Instagrams

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Finally, the public can see inside the Oculus for the first time

The day has finally arrived: Santiago Calatrava's Oculus (well, part of it, anyway) will finally welcome visitors into its marble-clad, spiky center. The WTC Transit Hub opened to the public at 3pm, and predictably, photos are already all over Instagram—take a look at what the scene is like inside.

Architect Santiago Calatrava was there to check out the partially completed space:

Santiago Calatrava admiring his #boondoggle

A photo posted by @brunnerbrunner on

WTC Transportation Center #calatrava #wtctransportationhub #wtc #wtcoculus #worldtradecentertransithub

A photo posted by NYC URBANISM (@nycurbanism) on

Welcome to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub Oculus #oculus

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Here's a video of the first few moments of the Hub being open, by NYCUrbanism:

And in case you want to remember what it looked like before Calatrava's enormous whale (or dinosaur, or what have you) skeleton loomed over Lower Manhattan, here's a pretty cool time-lapse video by construction giant Skanska, showing the project's progress from 2011 through to 2014:

World Trade Center PATH Station

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