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Artist Lists Stunning Co-op In Famed Hotel Des Artistes For $3.75M

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An artist lists her lovely apartment in one of the city's most prestigious artist co-ops

Designed by George Mott Pollard in 1918 with the needs of artists in mind, the Hotel Des Artistes on West 67th Street is one of the city's most well-known artist cooperatives. Its double-height living areas and large windows allowed artists the light and space they needed to work on large canvases and installations. In 21st century New York, the prestige of the building and its address has perhaps outpaced that original intent, but artists do still call the building home.

Artist Claudia Aronow has listed her lovely fifth floor co-op in the building, where her large, abstract canvases hang throughout. Aronow purchased the one-bedroom spread for $1.7 million in 2009, before turning around relisting it the day after it closed. The new listing marks the second attempt in earnest to sell the home, and for a heck of a lot more than the $2.5 million it sought in 2009.

Now, with a renovation under its belt that brought it the light and airy feel it has today—just look at the old listing pictures—Aronow is asking $3.75 million for the apartment. It's being offered alongside a separate suite on the same floor which can be used as an office or guest bedroom for an additional $450,000.

Hotel Des Artistes

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