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Chinatown Buildings to Make Way for 11-Story Mixed-Use Development

Several tenement buildings will come down as a new building is set to rise

The Bowery is a hotbed of construction activity these days, and there'll soon be another development joining buildings like Annabelle Selldorf's 347 Bowery, and the new hotel at 50 Bowery. Demolition permits have been issued for the three small buildings that sit at 139-141 Bowery, according to Bowery Boogie, which means that construction should begin any day now.

Little is known about the building that will rise on the site, but here's what we do know: It'll be an 11-story mixed-use building, with Raymond Chan listed as the architect of record, per DOB filings. Previous reports have the structure holding 16 apartments, though we'll see what happens as construction progresses.