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Governor Andrew Cuomo's Former Queens Mansion Sells For $2.4M

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The stately white house has finally sold after over a year on the market

The stately white house on a hill in Douglas Manor looks like the home of a politician, and it once was, but the home's new owners push that legacy farther into the past. Still known as the Cuomo House in the private waterfront community on the Queens and Nassau County border, 122 Grosvenor Street was formerly the home of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo before before he left the city and joined the Clinton administration in 1993. The six-bedroom house has been on the market for over a year, initially seeking just over $3 million, and finally closed for $2.4 million, Crain's points out. The buyer is Songza co-founder Elias Roman, according to public record.

Fun fact: 122 Grosvenor is considered the "sister home" to the house that some believe inspired The Great Gatsby. Crain's says both houses are the work of the same architect.