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Lawsuits May Bar Notorious Park Slope Landlord From Profiting on Senior Home Sale

He tried to unload the property for over $76 million last year

Prospect Park Residence
Via Google Maps

Given the amount of lawsuits that developer Haysha Deitsch is faced with over the Prospect Park Residence it's highly likely that he will profit from its sale, if it ever goes through, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

A judge ruled last week that Deitsch needs to set aside $10 million for two families who are suing him for the wrongful deaths of two family members at the senior home. That figure could keep increasing as there are currently nine wrongful death suits filed against him relating to the Prospect Park residence, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Deitsch tried to sell the building last year, but couldn't go through because of the pending lawsuits. Instead the prospective buyers, Sugar Hill Capital Partners sued him for delaying the eviction.

And the legal matters don't end there. Earlier this month it was reported that Deitsch was suing his tenants' children for delaying the eviction.