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The Latest Luxury Rental Amenity: Your Own Subway Entrance

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The developer paid to create an entrance to the Jay Street-MetroTech station

Now this is taking luxury living to a whole new level. Residents at AvalonBay's Ava DoBro tower on Willoughby Street will have their very own subway entrance, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

Developers have built an entrance, along with an elevator and staircase, that connects to the Jay Street-MetroTech station. The entrance connects directly to the R train's platform, but commuters can also use it to get to the A, C, and F Trains. Ava DoBro residents might have direct access to their building, but the subway entrance is open to all and has been paid for by the developers themselves.

Brooklyn Paper did some digging and found out that while this may seem a tad bit extravagant today, it wasn't an uncommon practice in the area in the past, what with Macy's on Fulton Mall having a subway entrance as well as the Brooklyn Municipal Building, which had an entrance for the Borough Hall station.

Still, there's something a little…ridiculous about this amenity. And it's just one of many the building has, including a heated outdoor dog run and its very own coffee shop. Studios start from $2,440, and the priciest three-bedroom goes for $5,780. The building has a total of 861 apartments and was once known as Avalon Willoughby West. It was also set to be the tallest tower in Brooklyn at the time, but has since been surpassed by the Hub at 333 Schermerhorn Street.

There's no opening date for the subway entrance yet.