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Russian Billionaire's Upper East Side Megamansion Plans Rejected

Steel magnate Roman Abramovich might have to rethink his 18,000 square foot UES megamansion

The Post reports that Russian steel magnate and very wealthy guy Roman Abramovich's plans to combine three townhouses on East 75th Street has been disapproved by the Department of Buildings—a problem that a shake of Abramovich's money wand just might not fix. Abramovich planned to combine the townhouses at 11, 13, and 15 East 75th Street between Fifth and Madison avenues into an 18,000 square foot megamansion with a 30-foot backyard and cellar-level swimming pool.

Stephen Wang, the architect of record noted on the plan, told the Post that the rejection is just a hitch in the process, "You get an objection list and we actively work to address each of the questions." Wang also said the rejection will not significantly delay the megamansion.

The application rejection isn't the only hurdle Abramovich will face in building out the megamansion of his dreams. The three townhouses also fall within the Upper East Side Historic District, which the Landmarks Preservation Commission fiercely protects. Another obstacle: a tipster notes that the three townhouses have varying floor, ceiling, and window heights, which the Observer noted would "not only a bureaucratic nightmare, but an architectural one."

Abramovich dished out a total of $78 million for the three properties after his offer to purchase the ornate 22-room home at 828 Fifth Avenue from Angelika Ivanc for $75 million went belly up.