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Second Avenue Subway Phase 2 Is Actually Happening (and Making Progress)

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The MTA will seek contractors to begin work on the second phase of the long-delayed line

Just weeks after allocating an additional $66 million in funding for the second first phase of the Second Avenue Subway, the MTA is actually doing something with that momentum: The organization announced that it will seek requests for proposals (RFPs) "for the first three contracts, which include design, environmental and community outreach services." The first two will deal with the actual infrastructure of the station, while the third will involve getting community input on the project (including the staffing of a Community Information Center, similar to the one that opened on Second Avenue in 2013).

The second part of the long-delayed subway line will extend from the northernmost point of the first phase, at 96th Street, to stops at 106th, 116th, and 125th street. The first phase, which is due to open in December of this year (fingers crossed), will run from 96th to 63rd street.

"Our goal is to fast-track Phase 2 to every extent possible, and if these efforts to speed up the project timetable are successful, the MTA will amend our Capital Program and seek additional funds to begin heavy construction sooner," MTA head Thomas Prendergast said in a press release. The agency is hoping to award contracts by the summer, though it didn't give any sort of timetable for when construction on this phase might actually begin. (Our guess: later rather than sooner.)

UPDATE: This article originally stated that the MTA's $66 million allocation was for the second phase of Second Avenue Subway construction. It's actually for completion of the first phase. Curbed regrets the error.