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New Details Revealed For d'Orsay, West 14th Street's Luxe Condo

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The 21 apartments will have pale gray oak floors and bathrooms with Calacatta Caldia and Nuvolato marble

For their West 14th Street condo, developer Adellco wanted to create a timeless boutique-sized building that also invoked a 21st century cigar sitting room where James Bond might hang out. Or so the new profile of the development in the New York Times goes. Nestled mid-block on 14th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues, d'Orsay's interiors are designed by well-known Frenchman Jacques Garcia, whose endowed the 21 apartments with finishes like pale gray oak floors, bathrooms with Calacatta Caldia and Nuvolato marble, bronze accents.

Similar materials carry throughout the building. The lobby will have bronze panels, a Silver Wave marble floor with gold mosaic tiling, and a decorative plaster art piece behind the reception desk. As for the amenities, "Our gym will be a bit like working out in a James Bond movie," the head of Adellco told the Times, "You’re fencing in some elegant living room, so to speak. It has a very residential feel."

Apartments in the building quietly went on sale in January with asks starting at $1.675 million for a one-bedroom, $3.125 million for a two-bedroom, and $4.275 million for a three-bedroom. The building's most expensive unit isn't its full-floor penthouse on the 11th floor, but a full-floor apartment on the seventh floor with a private outdoor terrace, asking $8.55 million. A few of d'Orsay's apartments are in contract, and sales should be expedited by the development's new sales office, opening this month.

[UPDATE: Sales have yet to officially launch on the building—that will happen later this spring—but a few apartments in the building are already in contract. Curbed regrets the error.]