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First Look at the Haswell, a UWS Condo Perched on a Rent-Stabilized Building

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The 64-unit residential project will hover over a 1950s apartment building

The condo building that'll soon rise at 707 West End Avenue is a bit of an odd duck: In 2015, developer Paul Boardman announced his plans to build a new condo building around an existing six-story, 144-unit rental (and many of those apartments are rent-stabilized). Some residents of the pre-existing building were, unsurprisingly, not particularly enthused about the development, with many worried about the construction and the new condos being used as an excuse to raise rents.

But regardless, the plans have moved forward: a teaser site is now live, and Curbed has the first look at a rendering for the condo project, along with details on what it will entail.

The building is named for Andrew Haswell Green, an urban planner who was involved in the execution of many New York City icons—including Upper West Side landmarks like Riverside Drive, the American Museum of Natural History, and Morningside Park. The condo apparently takes inspiration from his theory that "nature and urban life could coexist in harmony," with 16,000 square feet of outdoor space, including private and communal terraces.

The Haswell's 64 apartments will begin on the eighth floor of the building (putting it above the pre-existing rentals), and rise to the 18th floor. Aside from all that outdoor space, amenities will include a reading room and a renovated lobby. And all of the building's tenants, including those in the rental units, will get upgraded windows and air conditioning systems, so that's something. Boardman's firm, P2B Ventures, is developing it in collaboration with SJP Properties; PBDW is the architect.