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This Is the Most Detailed Photograph of New York City Ever Taken

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It's just as spellbinding as you'd imagine

Calling this an inspired piece of photography is probably the biggest understatement. Photographer Jeffrey Martin has captured the largest photograph ever taken of New York City, a dramatic panoramic shot of the city that lets you zoom up close to the windows of buildings like 432 Park Avenue and the Seagram's Building, The Real Deal first reported.

If Martin's photo was printed at a standard resolution of 300DPI, the image would measure about 57 feet wide and about 28 feet tall - probably the equivalent of a three story building.

The over 20 gigapixel image provides breathtaking views of the city - One World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and the Chrysler Building just to name a few.

For the project, Martin spent four hours over two days atop the Empire State Building with a handheld camera with a 135mm lens. He shot over 2,000 photos to get the final product. And the effort certainly paid off.