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Broadway Producer’s ‘Unlucky’ UWS Townhouse Finally Sells After 8 Years

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The owner neared a deal on the property four times over the last eight years but each time it fell through

After an almost eight year long struggle, Broadway producer Tracy Aron has finally managed to sell her Upper West Side townhouse for $6.9 million, the Observer reports. Dubbed the "unluckiest house," house in the city, Aron has made four previous attempts to sell the five-story house since 2008. She often came close to finalizing the deals, but they all fell through at the last minute.

Not this time though. The new owner is an unnamed foundation, as per the Observer. And all things considered, it sounds like a lovely home. It features 6,300 square feet of space spread out over five floors. The house comes with eight original fireplaces, a formal living and dining room, and mahogany inlay trim hardwood floors. There are six bathrooms and two half baths spread out over the house as well. Not to mention the parlor foyer is adorned with Roman arches and the ceilings come with original plaster moldings from when the house was built almost a hundred years ago.

Aron first listed the property in 2008 for $7.995 million. She lived there for almost 20 years before she decided to sell. Aron is probably best known for producing the 2006 Broadway adaption of Spring Awakening.