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Norah Jones Is Revamping Her Charming Cobble Hill Carriage House

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The singer-songwriter bought the landmarked 19th-century home last year

Norah Jones snagged the lovely 19th-century carriage house at 172 Pacific Street last year, and now, it looks like the singer-songwriter is getting ready to make some changes to the landmarked structure. Brownstoner uncovered permits that show Jones is working with Baxt Ingui Architects to make some changes to the building, including changing the building's use from two-family to single-family, and removing an existing addition on the first floor.

In its place, Jones will put a new addition on the rear of the house, which will feature Juliet balconies, six skylights, and sliding glass doors. Plans also call for updates to the home's electrical and plumbing systems. The Landmarks hurdle has already been cleared, and according to Brownstoner, construction has already started. (But the utterly charming exterior remains intact.)

The house originally hit the market in 2014 asking $8 million, but got a series of price chops before Jones snapped it up for $6.25 million. And she's no stranger to the neighborhood: Before this, she lived in a townhouse on Amity Street—and incurred the wrath of her neighbors when she (GASP!) reduced the number of windows on the structure. Here's hoping this reno goes better for her.