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Brace Yourself: 'Northeast Williamsburg' Ads Are Coming to a Williamsburg Near You

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Yes, this is really a thing that someone is trying to make happen

The division of New York City's neighborhoods into ever-smaller, more ridiculously named sub-neighborhoods marches on, like some kind of unstoppable plague perpetuated by real estate brokers. The latest area to fall victim is a pocket of Williamsburg that one guy has decided should be known as "Northeast Williamsburg," for no real reason other than a marketing gimmick.

DNAInfo reports that Lyon Porter, a Corcoran broker who's lived in Williamsburg since 2002, recently posted ads throughout the neighborhood advertising the neighborhood within a neighborhood. "It has mom and pop shops mixed in with new businesses," Porter told DNAInfo. "It's just very special." (Or, you know, it's basically every other neighborhood in New York City.)

And what are the borders "Northeast Williamsburg," exactly? According to Porter, it would encompass the area served by the Lorimer St, Grand St, and Graham Ave subway stops, with the BQE and Grand Street serving as the borders. It's just west of East Williamsburg (also not a real neighborhood), and northwest of Quooklyn (also known as Ridgewood, and also not a real neighborhood), and just south of Williamsburg North (you know where we're going with this, right?).

So clearly this is a gimmick, and one that hopefully won't catch on anytime soon. As Anthony Delia, a former resident who owns a pharmacy on Graham Avenue told DNAInfo, "I've always thought it was Williamsburg…just Williamsburg." Let's keep it that way, shall we?

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