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NYC May Get as Many as 60 Million Visitors in 2016

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Last year set a record with 58.3 million visitors

Close to 60 million people may visit New York City this year comfortably surpassing the record set last year, the New York Times reports.

The head of NYC & Company, the city's tourism agency told the Times that 59.7 million are expected to visit the city this year, which is up from the 58.3 million record set last year. That number could increase dramatically to 67 million by 2021.

The increase has come despite the economic slowdown in other parts of the world like China and the strengthening of the American dollar. China for instance had an 8.2 percent increase in the number of tourists from the last year. However China still ranks fourth among countries from where tourists visit. That list is topped by England, followed by Canada and Brazil.

When Michael Bloomberg took office he set a goal of getting 50 million tourists by 2015. That was achieved four years early in 2011. Bill de Blasio wants that number to go up 67 million by 2021.

The increase in recent years has added to the congestion, particularly to parts of Manhattan and as a result NYC & Company is trying to attract tourists to other boroughs as well.