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Tesla Motors Will Bring Gussied Up 'Red Hook' Sign Back to Storefront

The sign has already been installed and is expected to be lit up in the next few days

The rendering reveal for Tesla Motors' showroom in Red Hook may have given it away already, but it's now been confirmed. The car company is bringing back the iconic Red Hook sign to the neighborhood, the Brooklyn Paper reports. A neon version of the sign has already been installed and will probably be lit up in the next few days.

The original sign was the creation of local artist Peter Waldman. It stood in front of the Molton Marine building for almost ten years before it was demolished when the warehouse was converted into offices and the Tesla showroom on the ground floor.

Before the conversion, the sign was made out of rope lights covering wooden letters, which became increasingly unwieldy to maintain in subsequent years.

Post demolition, locals insisted that Tesla bring back the sign, and the car company acquiesced. Now a beloved neighborhood sign will see a new lease on life.