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Donald Trump's NYC Real Estate Empire, Ranked

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Dozens of apartments in Donald Trump's NYC portfolio are on the market. Here are the best and worst of them

Donald Trump's been on New York's radar long before he was the Republican frontrunner for president. It's hard to get away from the guy here—his name is plastered on every building in his vast real estate empire. Because if we were to ask him about the apartments he builds (and he were to respond) he'd probably say that they're all "great" or "amazing", we've taken it upon ourselves to bestow a few apartments that are currently on the market in Trump's many properties with the superlatives they deserve.

Most Expensive

The most expensive apartment for sale in a building bearing The Donald's name is in Trump International Tower on Central Park West. The 4,415-square-foot apartment is surprisingly classy—Don't fret, there's a section devoted to Trump's telltale chintz below—with lovely views of Central Park, four bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The 45th floor spread last sold for $13.125 million in 2009 to an anonymous LLC. Today, in a familiar case of overstating its value and contribution to society, it's asking $26.489 million. [StreetEasy]

Least Expensive

Trump's New York City real estate empire started in the boroughs with the work of his father. Fred, as it turns out, is responsible for bulldozing the pavilion at Steeplechase Park in an effort to convert the area into a field of glassy high-rises. Although that didn't pan out, Fred succeeded in bringing a few high rises to the area with Trump Village, a cooperative development the Times refers to as "a semiprecious stone in the glittery Trump crown" where well-lit sidewalks are considered an amenity. So it makes sense that the least expensive apartment on the market in Trump's profile is here, in Trump Village. It's a 750-square-foot one-bedroom co-op and it's asking $240,000, which rumor has it is just about how much Donald spends on hairspray each year.

Most Expensive Rental

"[My dad] used to say, 'Donald, don't go into Manhattan. That's the big leagues. We don't know anything about that. Don't do it," Trump said in the rambling 40-minute speech in which he announced his run for president, "I said, 'I gotta go into Manhattan. I gotta build those big buildings. I gotta do it, Dad. I've gotta do it.'" And he did it. And for it, we have this $50,000/month Trump Tower apartment. It looks sufficiently un-Trumpy, and that's because its been remodeled by Charles Gwathmey. The apartment's also renting for $60,000 furnished. [StreetEasy]

Most Surprising Celebrity Resident

It was big news when international soccer/football star Cristiano Ronaldo bought a three-bedroom Trump Tower pad for $18.5 million last August. But let's be real, Ronaldo is such a Britney compared to Jocelyn Wildenstein, who's currently trying to unload her Trump World Tower pad for over five times what she paid for it in 2007. Wildenstein's listing doesn't come with any photos, sadly, but the plastic surgery-loving NYC socialite's added a few other units to the apartment to merit its price hike. She's now seeking just shy of $18 million for the 5,250 square foot apartment. [StreetEasy]


Donald Trump is not known for being restrained in his antics or his tastes (just peek his own Trump Tower penthouse.) So naturally some chintz had to make its way into some of the mogul's buildings. Behold a 63rd-story Trump Tower apartment done up in all the gold, crystals, and silks a penthouse can handle. It's asking $23 million. [StreetEasy]