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Park Slope Historic District May Get Even Bigger, Again

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Expansion could add nearly 300 buildings to the district

A street in Park Slope
Photo by Lucia/Flickr

It was proposed nearly three years ago, but it may soon become a reality. The city's Landmarks Commission is set to vote on expanding the existing Park Slope Historic District in the coming weeks, DNAinfo reports. The expansion could add up to 300 buildings to the historic district.

The Park Slope Historic District was established in 1973. It was expanded almost 40 years later in 2012, and now local residents are hoping to expand it further.

The proposed expansion has been on the commission's calendar since 2013, but it's only now set to come to a vote

Plans for the second expansion originally included up to 700 buildings, but the commission asked that the area in consideration be reduced and that number has since come down to 290 buildings.

For locals, this is the second of five planned expansions in the future, according to DNAinfo.

Changes to the exterior of a building in a historic district, much like individual landmarks, must be first approved by the LPC.