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What If a Floating Island Connected the High Line to the Hudson?

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It would connect to the northern end of the High Line near 34th Street

Last week it was a sunken Central Park, this week it's an island floating on the Hudson that connects to the High Line—you certainly can't fault NYC architects for their creativity. 6sqft first reported [h/t DNAinfo] on the conceptual design being floated by architect Eytan Kaufman.

Known as Hub on the Hudson, the project hasn't been commissioned, but is simply the architect's vision "to create a connection between the High Line and the Hudson River."

According to the plan, this floating island or hub in the river would have five pyramid-like interconnected structures built around and over a central garden with a reflecting pool. The buildings would include an arts center, restaurants, and sports facilities.

This pier would stretch 700 feet into the Hudson and connect to the northern end of the High Line close to 34th Street.

So what does it all stand on? "High capacity caissons anchored into bedrock," according to the project description. And really, when you think about it, it's not that far removed from Barry Diller's Pier 55 proposal.