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Scale a Huge Climbing Wall Under the Manhattan Bridge This Weekend

It's North America's largest outdoor bouldering gym

In less than a week, Brooklyn Bridge Park will see the opening of North America's largest outdoor bouldering gym, DNAinfo reports. Dumbo Boulders, as the gym is known, is run by The Cliffs, which also operates a bouldering gym in Long Island City.

The gym at Brooklyn Bridge Park is located under the Manhattan Bridge at the Main Street section of the Park. Spanning 7,800 square feet, the gym can take up 250 climbers at a time. Of the total space, about 4,886 square feet is climbable area, and walls themselves can accommodate about 50 climbers at a time.

The gym will open to the public on April 16, followed by a grand opening on May 7 that's free to attend and includes instructional clinics and programming catered to kids. It's also a good bargain compared to the Long Island City venue with a day pass priced at $9 instead of the $28 in Long Island City.