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Live Like a Giant at Eli Manning’s Hoboken Pad for $18,000 a Month

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Trying to sell the place has not been successful

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been trying to unload his Hoboken home since last May. At a sale price of $15.2 million, he has thus far been unsuccessful. So, he’s putting it up for rent at $18,000 a month, The Real Deal reported. The 3,500-square-foot, three-bedroom unit is actually a combination of three in the Hudson Tea Building. It has a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline, plus a view down to Jersey City and the Garden State’s tallest building. The eat-in kitchen has a bench, there is a playroom, and there is home automation.

Why give up all of that? Manning reportedly needs a bigger home for his family.

You can now rent Eli Manning’s swanky New Jersey condo for $18,000 a month [TRD]

1500 Hudson St 7IJK, Hoboken, NJ [Sroka Worldwide]