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Annabelle Selldorf's Design for Steinway Piano's New Midtown HQ, Revealed

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The piano maker moved its flagship from 57th Street

Once upon a time, the acclaimed piano-makers Steinway & Sons called 57th Street home. The company's flagship, located at 109-113 West 57th Street, opened in 1925 and remained in place, even getting landmark designation, until 2014. The company sold the building to JDS Development, which will incorporate part of the historic facade into its megatower 111 West 57th Street.

So what happened to the Steinway flagship? It moved south: Today, the company officially debuted its new 19,000-square-foot headquarters, located in the old International Center of Photography on Sixth Avenue. The new HQ was designed by architect Annabelle Selldorf, and features a showroom and a performance space spread out over two stories.

According to a press release, Selldorf was inspired by Steinway's history, and designed the space to be "lyrical with subtle piano accents throughout." (In case you're wondering, the bright yellow used in the space is one of them—it's "Imperial Yellow," which is "the same color found inside the action of a Steinway & Sons piano." Neat.) There's also a lovely sculpture by Spencer Finch, inspired by one of Bach's "Goldberg Variations," hanging in the lobby.