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Ice-T and Coco Would Be Selling This $1.1M New Jersey Penthouse

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The celebrity couple are selling at nearly a half-million dollar loss

New parents Ice-T and Coco, the couple who endeared themselves to America with the E! TV show Ice Loves Coco, are looking to sell their North Bergen penthouse. LLNYC first caught the listing for the 2,161 square feet of high-gloss wood and glass. The penthouse doesn't disappoint—It's exactly the kind of place you'd expect Coco and Ice to call home, with black onyx kitchen floors and countertops, a built-in living room aquarium, and stainless steel and glass banisters. The couple bought the penthouse in Mirabelle On the Hudson at 8125 River Road for $1.5 million in 2005, and are now looking to unload it at a $402,000 loss for $1.098 million.