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L Train Shutdown Details May Finally Be Coming From MTA

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Some clarity on the L train repairs may be coming

Joel Raskin/Curbed Flickr Pool

There's still a lot that we don't know about the possible shutdown of the L train. What we do know is that it may be necessary to facilitate repairs to Superstorm Sandy-damaged equipment in its tunnels, and that it could be happening as soon as 2017, but the MTA hasn't exactly been forthcoming with details beyond that.

But some clarity on the situation may finally be coming. According to DNAInfo, state assemblyman Joseph Lentol (who represents L train-adjacent neighborhoods like Bushwick and Williamsburg), confirmed that the MTA agreed to brief community residents on the forthcoming repairs. "We are working with the MTA to secure a location for the first town hall in Brooklyn," he told DNAInfo, stating that it could happen as soon as the first week in May.

Per the report, the MTA may be asking for community feedback and recommendations on the impending shutdown. Considering how many people could be affected by this action—Brooklyn and Manhattan residents, business owners, developers, the list goes on—we're guessing it'll be a fairly heated event.