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Tiny Garden Islands Coming to Sixth Avenue Need Caretakers

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The Department of Transportation wants to build micro-gardens along Sixth Ave., but on one condition

In September, the city announced it was bringing protected bike lanes to Sixth Avenue between 14th and 33rd streets. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, its hard to rally against the city's newest plan for them. DNAinfo reports that the Department of Transportation has offered to build space for micro gardens on the islands that will separate the bike lanes from the street at each corner. The gardens will roughly measure four feet by five feet.

There's one catch: they'll only do it individuals and businesses step up to claim responsibility for their maintenance. If no one steps up, they'll be filled in with concrete, which is just what the city needs more of.

So far, 28 of the 33 islands have been spoken for, with the five remaining islands at 14th, 15th, two at 16th, and 24th streets. Micro-garden caretakers will have to provide soil, plant them, and maintain them. The deadline for submitting is May 1, and those interested can reach out to the president of the Council of Chelsea Block Associations, Bill Borock, at