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MTA Seeks Proposals For MetroCard Replacement

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The agency is looking to enact a contactless payment system in the next decade

The MTA wants to make another form of payment obsolete: the MetroCard. On Wednesday, the MTA began formally soliciting plans for a contactless payment system for the city's vast public transportation network. "Currently, the MTA is basically in the business of creating its own currency, which is very expensive," Riders Alliance executive director John Raskin told the Post. "The more it can shift that burden to Mastercard and Visa, the less the MTA has to worry about and the better it will be for riders." Hillary and Bernie should be relieved.

There's been no discussion as of yet about how riders without credit cards or cell phones will be affected by the new payment system. The MTA is soliciting proposals through June 23, and the new payment method is expected to roll out no earlier than 2021.