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Astoria's Latest Residential Project Is a 23-Unit Apartment Building

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The five-story building will replace two houses in Astoria

Two houses sitting side by side in Astoria will be demolished to make way for a five-story building with 23 apartments, YIMBY reports. The developer, George Elliott, recently filed plans with the Department of Buildings for the project at 30-70 38th Street. But first, it has to clear the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) hurdle.

It presents an interesting case in that the two houses that are to be replaced for this project fall under different zoning districts, even though they sit side by side.

The developers wants both sites to be under a higher density allowance, which would let him build up to 50 feet.

If everything goes according to plan, this T.F. Cusanelli and Filletti Architects-designed building will include amenities like bike storage, a parking garage, and a recreational room on the ground floor.

Residents however will have to make quite the schlep, if they're reliant on public transportation. The closest subway is seven blocks away at 31st Street and 30th Avenue.