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Floating Forest of Free Food to Dock in NYC This Summer

The barge will moor at Governors Island, plus Brooklyn and the Bronx

Imagine picking fresh scallions for an Asian fusion stir fry. Now, imagine doing that in the waters off New York City. Come this summer, you won’t have to imagine it. A barge topped with a forest of trees and other plants will be docking at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island, and up the Bronx, Brooklyn Based reported (h/t Untapped Cities). Visitors will be able to pick their produce, and keep it for free! Among the options will be the aforementioned scallions, rosemary, blueberries, wild leek, radicchio, ramps, sea kale, and much much more.

The barge, called Swale, will be 80-feet-long by 30-feet-wide. The installation is being funded by A Blade of Grass. Plans also include performances under the name Eco_Hack 2016, and funds for it are being raised via Indiegogo. If all of the funding comes together, it would all open June 28.

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