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Midcentury Staten Island Abode With Planted Atrium Asks $2M

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This Todt Hill home comes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms

The standout feature in this five-bedroom house on Staten Island is most definitely the planted atrium with floor to ceiling windows that wrap all around it.

Built in 1978, the house is located in one of Staten Island's most expensive neighborhoods, Todt Hill. It sits right between two large parks in the borough, the Saint Francis Woodlands and Reed's Basket Willow Swamp Park.

The floor to ceiling windows flood the house with plenty of light. Four bedrooms, including the spacious master bedroom that has its own fireplace, are located on the second floor. The house also comes with office space, four bathrooms, and room for a study.

Designed in the Midcentury modern style, the house is features a total of 5,742 square feet of space and is currently on the market for $1.99 million.