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The Bronx's 10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale Right Now

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This might make you think twice about Brooklyn

The Bronx is one of New York City's most affordable boroughs, but the land of faux castles and inexpensive co-ops also has some pricier properties. Here, we've rounded up the ten most expensive listings on the market in the borough right now. Most of the houses are historic, many have been on the market for years and are now asking millions less, and more than you'd think have turrets. Read on.

10) ↑ 4530 Delafield Avenue - $3.35M

Like most properties on this list, this lovely Tudor-style mansion has been on the market for years. The six-bedroom house in Fieldston first hit the market for $4.25 million in 2010, and is now asking $3.35 million. Some house highlights: it's been renovated top to bottom and has a windowed loggia. [StreetEasy]

9) ↑ 5253 Sycamore Avenue - $3.495M

This lovingly-maintained Riverdale house hit the market in 2010 for $5.85 million but is now asking $3.495 million. Originally a carriage house, the stone structure dates back to 1852 but doesn't look it—it's been updated with high-end finishes like Pietra Cardoza Granite countertops in the kitchen and a Viking range. [StreetEasy]

8) ↑ 4720 Grosvenor Avenue - $3.5M

For the price of a relatively modest Manhattan condo, someone could (finally) nab this five-bedroom Fieldston mansion. The castle on a hill's been on the market since 2011, when it was first listed for $2.995 million. It's been on and off the market ever since with a mercurial price tag (the ask jumped to $3.75 million in 2013) and is now asking $3.5 million. It has a breakfast room in a turret, for goodness sakes. [StreetEasy]

7) ↑ 4645 Delafield Avenue - $3.75M

As if a Bronx castle needs even more character, the listing for this Fieldston home reads like a transcribed house tour overflowing with personal anecdotes ("I built this house to last forever... And I put my heart and soul into it. See those cobblestones, I laid those all myself, and built this back entrance. No, I don't use it, but someone can.") The nine-bedroom house first hit the market in 2011 for $4.75 million and is now asking exactly $1 million less. [StreetEasy]

6) ↑ 4970 Independence Avenue - $3.8M

This estate, built for a gent by the name of Henry Foster Spaulding in 1880, is a rare example in New York City of the Stick-Eastlake style (its cousin, the Queen Anne, is much more popular.) The quaint, 2.5-story home was moved to its current location, along with a smaller cottage, in 1912, and in the mid-1960s, the two buildings were connected with a living room, bringing the interior to 8,600 square feet. It's been looking for a buyer since 2010 when it hit the market for $4.75 million. These days it's looking for $3.8 million. [StreetEasy]

5) ↑ 640 West 237th Street #20B - $3.88M

The only condo on this list, #20B at Solaria in Riverdale is "designed for fabulous living on a grand scale." The condo is as large as a house at 2,755 square feet, but isn't nearly as historic as some of the other dwellings on this list. It does have at least some connection to history: it looks out over the Hudson onto the Palisades, a protected vista willed into existence by industrialist John D. Rockefeller. The three-bedroom apartment is asking $3.88 million.

4) ↑ 4547 Livington Avenue - $5.45M

Not too many century-old houses also have indoor pools, but this one does. The 113-year-old Fieldston mansion is gigantic, measuring 10,450 square feet. To put that into context, that's larger than the Panorama of the City of New York and very nearly the $100 million penthouse of One 57. The indoor lap pool is but one of the home's over-the-top amenities. Others include "multiple dining rooms," a heated driveway, and a tent-equipped terrace that can seat 100. The house has been on the market since late 2014 when it was asking just shy of $8 million. These days its ask hovers around $5.45 million. [StreetEasy]

3) ↑ 4925 Arlington Avenue - $5.995M

In Riverdale, a sprawling Tudor-style home built in the 1920s is on the market for $5.995 million. One of the most impressive things about the estate is the property it sits on: three-quarters of an acre that includes a circular driveway, a flagstone outdoor patio, and two separate on-grounds buildings holding a gym and a wired home office topped by a studio apartment. [StreetEasy]

2) ↑ 5041 Goodridge Avenue - $7.75M

This Riverdale mansion wins points for being part of a new development (Villanova Point) in which each house is individually designed, but loses them all over again for stealing its name from a Newport, Rhode Island mansion designed by McKim, Mead & White and built in 1884. Ochre Point at Villanova Heights is on the market for $7.75 million and will be delivered with eight bedrooms, an elevator, a motor court, a three-car garage, and an outdoor pool. [StreetEasy]

1) ↑ 4941 Arlington Avenue - $8.6M

The priciest property in the Bronx used to be even pricier. When the Norman-style castle-mansion in Riverdale hit the market in 2007, it was asking a whopping $12.7 million. These days, it wants $8.6 million (which buys a very plain two-bedroom in Midtown.) The house dates back to the 1930s, and has serious castle clout with two turrets, seven bedrooms, seven fireplaces, and an outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall. [StreetEasy]