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Big Reveal: $995,000 For an Upper East Side Co-op With Closet Space

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The two-bedroom co-op is asking less than $1 million

This is one of those rare weeks when not a single commenter guessed the correct ask for our Pricespotter apartment—in this case, a two-bedroom co-op on the Upper East Side with an asking price of $995,000. Commenters were, however, astute at guessing details that we didn't reveal about the apartment, such as the fact that it's on the first floor of the building it's located in (at 222 East 80th Street). Opinions on the place itself were mixed; some liked it, some hated it, and many commented on the lack of windows in the bathroom (what kinds of apartments do y'all live in with bathroom windows?).

Let's look at the floorplan one more time: