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Zoe Saldana Sells Modest Kew Gardens Co-op For $280,000

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The Hollywood A-lister was holding on to her Queens roots

Though she's a Hollywood A-lister now, actress Zoe Saldana grew up in Queens, and worked in New York's theater scene (and, predictably, on an episode of Law & Order) before her big breaks. So it's no surprise that she had, until recently, owned a piece of NYC real estate, though the property itself may be somewhat surprising: she purchased a Kew Gardens two-bedroom co-op back in 2003, holding onto the property even as her stock rose in Hollywood. But that changed last month, when the actress sold the co-op for a rather modest $280,000, according to the New York Post.

The apartment is located in a doorman building that's close to the subway and has plenty of space, but not much that's noteworthy beyond that. Saldana, for her part, has been living in Los Angeles with her husband and children for some time, so who knows how time much she actually spent in this place.