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Historic Hamilton Heights Townhouse With Modern Revamp Wants $3M

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The turn-of-the-century townhouse has six bedrooms and plenty of vintage charm

There is a lot to love about this Hamilton Heights townhouse, starting with its location: It sits at the corner of Hamilton Terrace and West 141st Street, positioned directly across from Hamilton Grange (for all you American history and Hamilton nerds out there). The building itself is a historic gem, built at the turn of the 20th century and kitted out with many lovely period details, including wainscoting, pocket doors, and several wood-burning fireplaces with the original mantles. See:

But its previous owner also did a thoughtful upgrade of the place that takes its historic charm into account while also adding modern accents, including adding soundproofed windows and upgrading some of the flooring. Or take the eat-in kitchen, which has new appliances but doesn't look at all cold or out-of-place in the larger context of the home.

As for the house itself, it has six bedrooms (but only two and a half baths) spread out over 3,440 square feet of space; it's asking $2.9 million.