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East New York Rezoning Gains Momentum in the City Council

Will bring 6,500 new apartments to the neighborhood, half of them affordable

The planned rezoning of East New York has cleared another hurdle — this time the City Council's Land Use Committee, the Daily News reports.

The plan will bring about 6,500 new homes to the neighborhood, about half of which will be affordable. The administration has promised that the first 1,200 units built as part of this rezoning effort will be affordable.

However the affordability band, the issue that's caused the most controversy among local residents, hasn't changed all that much since the proposal was approved by the City Planning Commission in February, according to the News.

So here's what it looks like right now for all the affordable units:

  • About 40 to 60 percent will be for families making $47,000 a year
  • Around 20 percent for incomes up $70,000
  • About 15 percent each for those making up to $23,000 and $31,000 respectively

The city has incentivized the deal by offering to spend $267 million on infrastructural work in the neighborhood, according to the News.

This includes improvements to two neighborhood parks — Callahan-Kelly Playground, and Highland Park, adding a playground to a local NYCHA development, renovations to local schools, a new child care center, and an NYPD community center, among several others.

Next week, the full Council will seal the fate of this rezoning plan.