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Postmodern Mansion In the Bucolic Fieldston Historic District Seeks $2M

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It's an outlier in a tony neighborhood of stately brick mansions

Postmodern architecture is a rare and diminishing breed in New York City. There's Philip Johnson's Sony tower, mid-conversion to pricey condos; the endangered Ambassador Grill at the United Nations Plaza Hotel; and the in situ interior designed by Michael Graves that lives in the archives of the Brooklyn Museum. Add to that incomplete list this house at 4545 Delafield Avenue in The Bronx, with its geometrical exterior and interiors decked out in polished black granite.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission ushered the house into the Fieldston Historic District in 1996. The designation report says the original structure was built in 1926-27 in the colonial revival style, and became the shining example of pomo it is today in the early '90s, following a reconstruction by Isaac and Stern. The house is on the market for $1.95 million, a steal compared to some of its neighbors.