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The Bronx’s Development Boom Continues With 72-Room Hotel

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Follows the announcement of a planned, 11-story hotel in Concourse Village

Just days after it was announced that an 11-story hotel was set to rise in Concourse Village, a developer has filed plans for an eight-story hotel in Soundview, YIMBY reports. Located at 1164 Wheeler Avenue, the building will stand 74-feet tall and have 72 rooms.

The project is being developed by Nehalkumar Gandhi with Gerald Caliendo roped in as the architect.

The developer purchased the site, which is located right off of the 6 Train stop at Elder Avenue, for $1.7 million last May.

Ever since the 421-a tax exemption program expired earlier this year, developers are hesitant to build residential buildings and opt to build hotels instead, according to YIMBY, and the one in Concourse Village, and now in Soundview are an indication of a growing trend.