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At Last, Someone Buys Elizabeth Swig's 740 Park Avenue Duplex

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The troubled pad was on the market for more than two years

One of the more embittered real estate sagas of the past few years may finally have come to an end: The Real Deal reports that Elizabeth Swig, ex-wife of real estate bigwig Kent Swig, finally has a buyer for the duplex apartment the couple used to share at swank 740 Park Avenue. The apartment was last listed for $22.5 million—a significant decrease from its original $33.5 million ask—though a rep for the seller wouldn't confirm how much the apartment actually sold for.

The Swigs have been embroiled in all manner of legal trouble: Kent was being sued by his father-in-law, Harry Macklowe, and the 16-room duplex at 740 Park was in danger of foreclosure thanks to some shady loans. The pad was on the market for a little more than two years before finally finding someone to take it off Swig's hands.

740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY