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L Train Shutdowns Could Begin in 2019

The tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan still needs major post-Sandy repairs

If you’re new to the New York City area, you might not know that Hurricane Sandy dealt quite a blow to the tunnels connecting the city’s boroughs. The G and R trains’ tunnels have already been repaired. Now, it’s time for the L train’s Canarsie Tubes, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. They could be shut down, at least partially, starting in 2019, according to 2nd Ave. Sagas. The MTA is meeting this week to discuss the matter, according to Gothamist, and to vote on a new capital budget, according to the New York Post.

A complete shutdown of the Canarsie Tubes would probably also mean no L train service within Manhattan since there would be no access to maintenance yards. In addition to tunnel repairs, Sen. Charles Schumer wants more L trains to run and for new entrances and elevators to be constructed at the Bedford Avenue and First Avenue stops.

As for MTA’s new capital budget, its $26 billion would mean money for many of the projects Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been touting, the New York Post reported, including the renovation of over 30 stations, USB charging above and below ground, and more Wi-Fi below ground. It would also give a boost to the Second Avenue Subway.

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