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Affordable Studios at St. Luke In the Fields Co-op Will Ask From Just $90,000

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Seven of the West Village apartments will be cost-regulated

A $90,000 studio in a desirable New York City neighborhood sounds like it'd be too good to be true—and, in a way, it is. DNAInfo reports that 100 Barrow, the co-op being built adjacent to the West Village's Church of St. Luke in the Fields, will have seven affordable units, ranging from a first-floor studio for $90,000 to a first- or second-floor two bedroom for $170,000. These units, all of which are on the building's first or second floors, will be reserved for people making "no more than 125 percent of the area median income," per DNAInfo.

Those seven units join the building's 26 market-rate apartments, which will range in price from around $4 million to more than $12 million, according to DNAInfo. Those apartments have yet to hit the market, but sales are expected to begin sometime in the next month or so. Construction on the building is coming along, and it's close to hitting its full 12-story height already.

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