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M Train Repairs Will Displace Dozens of Bushwick Residents

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Residents and businesses surrounding the Myrtle Avenue M stop will be asked to temporarily relocate

Work on the M train line will not only axe service in certain parts of Brooklyn as soon as this summer, but dozens of residents who live along the line will be displaced during repairs. DNAinfo reports by way of Newsday that Bushwick residents who live along the Bushwick Cut section of the M train viaduct will be asked to temporarily relocate for six to ten months or more by the MTA before work at the site begins.

The relocations were approved by the MTA board in March, and will affect 26 apartments along Myrtle Avenue, Broadway and Ditmars Street, a coffee shop, and a bike store that have been deemed too close to the redevelopment site to be safe.

Those who live within proximity to the Bushwick Cut redevelopment site near the Myrtle Ave. stop will be asked to temporarily relocate while the MTA tears down and rebuilds the structure where the J and Z lines meet the M. If the residents refuse to relocate voluntarily, the MTA will push forward with eminent domain proceedings in state court for the temporary right to access the properties.

According to meeting minutes obtained by DNAinfo, the MTA said they will "provide suitable accommodations, relocation assistance and compensation to the affected individuals and businesses, and without delay to the project."