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Brooklyn Hospital Center Building Sale Could Net More Than $100M

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The hospital's 21-story Maynard Building is up for grabs

The Brooklyn Hospital Center might be ready to sell one of its buildings for just over $100 million, Crain's reports. Last month, the hospital listed one of the buildings on its Fort Greene campus for an undisclosed amount, and bids for the project were due last week. An unnamed source told Crain's that the hospital might have received an offer as high as $115 million.

The building in question is known as the Maynard Building and is located at 240 Willoughby Street. The 21-story building currently houses some of the hospital's medical offices and apartments for staff members. But for a developer, it offers 331,500 buildable square feet, and a chance to erect a residential building with a private entrance to Fort Greene Park.

The hospital plans to use proceeds from the sale to build a new urgent care center and redevelop some of the existing hospital floors. If the sale goes through, the hospital will continue to occupy the Maynard Building until 2019, before which the hospital intends to create a new structure where the current residents and offices can relocate.