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Jessica Chastain Puts Her Cute Village Duplex On the Market For $1.8M

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It's also available to rent if you have $8,000 per month to spare

The last we heard from Jessica Chastain, real estate-wise, the Oscar-nominated actress had put her two-bedroom duplex on Mercer Street on the rental market after buying Leonard Bernstein's old pad on West 57th Street. But now, it looks like she's making the move to Midtown extremely permanent: Her old apartment is now for sale for a rather reasonable $1.8 million, according to the New York Observer. It's also a turnkey pad, so the purple couch and wooden tables you see below will come along with the place. (We're guessing they never belonged to Chastain, but who knows?) Other amenities include a "spectacular" bathroom and a spiral staircase connecting the duplex's two levels.

Interestingly, a line in the listing also notes that the place is still for rent, with a considerable drop in price since last year: It was originally listed for $11,500 per month, but is now going for "$7,995 furnished or $8,450 unfurnished."

250 Mercer St.

250 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012