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Surprise: More People Are Riding the NYC Subway Than Ever

The MTA's ridership stats show record numbers of straphangers using the NYC subway in 2015

You probably don't need statistics to tell you that the New York City subway is being used by more people than ever—the crush of humanity during rush hour is probably proof enough of that fact. But the MTA's ridership stats for 2015 were just released, offering proof positive that the subway is more popular—and, yes, more crowded—than ever before. Let's break it down, shall we?

In terms of annual ridership, the number is staggering: 1,762,565,419 people rode the subway in 2015, with Manhattan, unsurprisingly, the borough where most of them traveled. That averages out to about 5.7 million riders per weekday, a number that the MTA says hasn't been reached since 1948.

In terms of the most popular stations, the usual suspects are in the top five: Times Sq-42nd St, Grand Central-42nd St, 34th St-Herald Sq, 14th St-Union Sq, and 34th St-Penn Station lead the way, with Times Square seeing more than 66 million people pass through in 2015.

According to the Daily News, the stats also show some interesting trends—for instance, ridership at stations along the clogged L line took a slight dip, but rose at stations along the J/M/Z lines (which travel a similar route), indicating that straphangers are ditching one in favor of the other. The city's newest subway station, meanwhile, was its 392nd most popular overall, with only 692,165 riders passing through in the few months it was open in 2015.

More stats can be found on the MTA's website.