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Wolf of Wall Street Character's Tribeca Pad Returns For $20M Off Original Ask

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The Hubert Street maisonette is now asking *just* $25 million

Banker-turned-entrepreneur-and-semi-professional-racecar-driver Alan Wilzig has relisted his Tribeca maisonette yet again—this time for $20 million less than its initial ask. If Wilzig's name sounds familiar, here's why: he was portrayed in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street as the bit guy who introduces Leonardo DiCaprio's character to the woman who becomes his wife. Unsatisfied with his storyline in the movie, Wilzig took to Facebook to "[criticize] Scorsese for leaving out the fact that Wilzig had arrived at the party in his red Ferrari Testarossa" (per TRD).

With all that in mind, let's take another look at Wilzig's 6,500-square-foot Hubert Street maisonette. The interiors have been toned down by 10,000 percent since the listing first appeared in 2014 at an ask of $44 million. Gone are the neon-lit fishtank room dividers, gratuitous tanning bed pic, and rainbow array of light bulbs. For the maisonette's third relisting (and subsequent price chop), the entrepreneur has finally hired brokers Ryan Serhant and Katherine Salyi (it was FSBO before) who, in addition to ushering in a much needed design overhaul, convinced Wilzig to shave the ask down to a slightly more reasonable $24.885 million, or $3,828 per square foot.