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Steven Cohen's Beacon Court Penthouse Reappears For $72M

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The embattled billionaire's Midtown penthouse got another price chop

It's ba-aack! Embattled hedge funder Steven Cohen has put his One Beacon Court penthouse on the market for a fourth time, and unsurprisingly, the new listing also comes with a significant price chop. The four-bedroom penthouse is now listed for $72 million, which is a whopping $43 million less than it was originally asking back in 2013. The last time the apartment appeared in June of last year, it was listed with Corcoran and asking $79 million; now, Cohen is trying his luck with Elliman and an even lower price. It's not quite enough of a chop to land this apartment in the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, but it's certainly getting close.

To recap, the apartment has interiors designed by modernist architect Charles Gawthmey (which may be another barrier to sale—it's not exactly an apartment that another billionaire could come in and put their stamp on), and measures approximately 9,000 square feet. The duplex has double-height ceilings, custom finishes, and other fancy touches. There are no new photos to accompany the most recent listing, but you can check out photos from previous listings here and here.

One Beacon Court

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