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SHoP's Bendy Kips Bay Rentals Get a New Name, Interior Renders

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The building's skybridge will hold a plethora of over-the-top amenities

SHoP Architects and JDS Development are having quite a busy week. Just one day after the collaborators' forthcoming Brooklyn supertall was given the go-ahead by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the pair unveiled a whole lot of new details for the twisty buildings they've been working on at 626 First Avenue. The biggest one: the name of the project, which shall henceforth be known as American Copper Buildings, in a nod to the 5,000 metal panels that make up the facade.

New renderings also show off the building's most unique amenity: Its skybridge, which connects the two towers and will hold three floors of amenities, including a residents' lounge and a swimming pool.

The bridge itself sits 300 feet above ground level, and will be topped with private terraces. Other non-skybridge amenities include a fitness center, a landscaped park on site, a children's room, and a "Marble Hammam with plunge pool" (huh).

The building's 761 units will be rentals, though no pricing information has been revealed for those as of yet; a teaser site is now live, though, for those who are curious. Construction began on the twisty towers in 2015, replacing an old mud pit that had been an eyesore on the East side for some time; when the project was initially announced, former SHoP partner Vishaan Chakrabarti memorably compared their playful design to dancers, "like Shawn and Beyoncé"—as in, yes, Jay and Bey. Whether or not they live up to such a starry-eyed comparison remains to be seen, but the new renderings give a better idea of what the project may look like, at least.

American Copper Buildings

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